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Toxic chemicals you come into contact with daily

You probably don't think about toxic chemicals in your daily life, but the truth is some of the most dangerous ones are closer to you than you might think. It's probably not a comforting thought, but chemicals in everything from yoga mats to cooking pans and water have been found to cause disease and other health issues. So, it's best to be aware of them for your own safety. Click through the following gallery to discover toxic chemicals that you come into contact with daily.

Yes, It Is Possible To Treat Your Scars At Home

Try one of these derm-approved remedies.

Here's What Those Letters And Numbers On Your Pills Mean

Whether you're taking a pill on a daily basis or just once in a while, you may have noticed the letters and numbers on the capsule. Here's what they mean.

Physical fitness could potentially mitigate working memory impairments in individuals with depression

A new study published in NeuroImage: Clinical explored the relationship between exercise, brain functioning, and major depressive disorder. The findings indicate that individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD) who also exercise tend to have better brain functioning than those with MDD who do not exercise. Depression is a common mental health ...

How to pay for gender-affirming surgery

Gender affirmation surgery can be expensive, even if you have health insurance. Costs for individual procedures may be as much as $25,000. Patients who undergo multiple procedures could see costs go even higher.

Re-think that diet soda: WHO says sugar substitutes do not aid weight loss

Morgan Stanley sees broader MedTech impact from weight loss drugs

Billions of dollars in sales across various MedTech markets will be at stake if there is a broader acceptance of weight loss drugs developed by Novo Nordisk (NVO) and Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY), Morgan Stanley argued in a research note last week. Novo Nordisk's (NVO) GLP-1 receptor agonist Wegovy is already approved in the U.S. for obesity, and Lilly (LL...

10 Calcium-Rich Foods That Will Give Your Health a Boost

Spoiler: Milk isn't the best source.

12 Misleading 'Healthy' Foods That Are Actually Far From Being Healthy

Prepare to be shocked as we delve into the world of misleading 'healthy' foods that are actually far from being healthy. In this eye-opening article, we expose the truth behind 12 commonly perceived nutritious options that may not live up to their health claims. Don't be fooled by clever marketing or misleading labels any longer!... The post 12 Misleading 'Healthy' Foods That Are Actually Far From Being Healthy appeared first on Spatula Desserts.

10 Most Important Kitchen Tools for Eating Healthy

A diet is only as healthy and convenient as you make it, and that's why owning the proper kitchen tools and appliances are so important. After all, enjoying a healthy diet is a lifestyle choice with countless benefits - so here's everything you'll need to maximize those benefits and make sure that your diet is easy to execute!

20 Veggie Smoothies You’ll Actually Want To Drink

Especially if you prefer your smoothies to taste like milkshakes.

10 Guilt-Free Chocolate Recipes to Keep Your Summer Sweet Tooth in Check

Indulging your sweet tooth doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health goals, especially during the summer. These 10 guilt-free chocolate recipes will satisfy your cravings... The post 10 Guilt-Free Chocolate Recipes to Keep Your Summer Sweet Tooth in Check appeared first on .

He Refuses to Take His Pregnant Girlfriend to the Hospital Because He Thinks She's Overreacting

Pregnancy comes with a mixed bag of emotions and feelings. It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to experience anxiety, discomfort, and even pain. For first-time mothers or high-risk pregnancies, this often requires a trip to their OB or the ER to make sure everything is alright. In a Reddit thread, a man is questioning whether... The post He Refuses to Take His Pregnant Girlfriend to the Hospital and Thinks It’s Okay Even Though He’s A Total...

Could Viagra be the key to keeping your heart healthy?

These Are All The Sparkling Water Brands Nutritionists Actually Drink

You'd be surprised at how many brands have icky additives. What's better than popping the tab or lid on a sparkling water and enjoying that first ice cold, refreshing sip? The bubbles, the fizz and that effervescent pop is pure perfection—so we're perpetually on the hunt for the best sparkling water brands. With all those fizzy options available (sparkling water is expected to be a $67.6 billion industry by 2023), you might be wondering: What exactly is the difference between sparkling water and seltzer, and are they really healthy? The simple answer is this: seltzer and sparkling water are both carbonated water. However, seltzer is artificially carbonated using carbon dioxide and sparkling water is naturally carbonated or lightly artificially carbonated, says SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD. “Generally, I think sparkling water is a better choice because it's closer to nature - but an unsweetened or lightly flavored seltzer is still a better choice than a sugary soda.” Peep a few of the best sparkling water brands, below: And though sparkling water may seem like an across-the-board healthy option, not all brands are created equal. To make sure your fizzy drink is as good-for-you as can be, choose a brand that is low in sodium and contains no added sugars, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners, says dietitian Elizabeth Shaw, RDN, CPT. (A little natural sweetness from real fruit juice is a-okay, though.) Though many sparkling waters come canned these days, if you choose an option in a plastic bottle, just double check that it’s BPA-free, Shaw says. Keep your bubbly sips simple by opting for one of the following 15 fizzy water brands—all recommended by dietitians, happy customers, and Women's Health editors.

If You're Cutting Back On Sugar, You Need These Satisfying Snacks In Your Life


Here's Why It Might Seem Like You've Gained Weight In Your Face

You can't spot-treat any body part—but you *can* employ these holistic strategies.

23 Humidity-Loving Plants You’ll Definitely Want For Your Bathroom

Including one that we literally cannot kill.

Why Does My Weight Fluctuate So Much?

No, your scale probably isn't broken.

Eating These Foods Has Been Clinically Shown To Increase Anxiety

A healthy diet certainly isn’t a cure-all for anxiety, but it can help.

It's more than just a parasocial relationship: BTS and their impact on my mental health

Listening to BTS may not have cured my depression, but it helped me get through it

How a Pilot Stays Mentally Fit in Outer Space

From the ISS, John Shoffner reveals how he remains focused and fearless.

How much does a mammogram cost? That depends on whether it’s ‘diagnostic’ or ‘screening.’

Some mammograms are free, but others cost hundreds or thousands. This creates confusion, financial stress, and delayed cancer diagnoses.

21 Nightmare Words That Leave Everyone in a Cold Sweat! Can You Spell Them Without Stumbling?

When it comes to spelling, well…some people find it challenging. The rules of grammar, such as “I before e except after c” and “double the consonants f, l, and s at the end of a one-syllable word that has just one vowel,” can be helpful. Yet some words are a nightmare, causing spelling bee contestants...

Alzheimer's took my wife from me and she was only 55. Here's what you should know

Alzheimer's took my wife from me and she was only 55. Here's what you should know about the reality of early onset Alzheimer’s, which impacts millions.

16 Healthy Snacks Anyone Can Throw Together

For when you want a better-for-you snack that still tastes good and doesn’t take hours to make.

How to Tell if Healthcare RCM Vendor AI Claims – Are Real or Vaporware?

Image by Vicki Hamilton from Pixabay. Seems like a nearly daily occurrence that healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) vendors for hospitals and physicians come out with slick marketing touting their Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. Really? AI isn’t some off-the-shelf technology system that you can magically develop internally in a matter of days and claim you have the answer to solve the healthcare provider coding, billing, denial...

Pregnant school driver saves kids seconds before bus burst into flames

Expecting mom Imunek Williams was two hours into her route to Milwaukee Academy of Science when smoke started filling the bus and she quickly ushered all kids onboard to safety.

Are Online Calorie Calculators Accurate?

Online calorie calculators aim to help you track what you're eating and meet your health goals, but how accurate are they?

The Pros and Cons of a High-Protein Diet

This is how much you should be eating—and how much is too much, according to dietitians.

You'll Be Shocked That These Celebs Have Never Had Plastic Surgery

Hollywood’s natural-beauties…they’ve never looked better.

15 Surprising Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

These little seeds are small but mighty.

Moms on Mushrooms uses psychedelics to treat depression

Moms on Mushrooms is a support group that helps women deal with their fears and anxiety with the help of psilocybin, the naturally occurring hallucinogenic found in magic mushrooms. NBC’s Erin O’Hearn shares a look at the unique mental health movement for Saturday TODAY.

In Florida, doctors can cite Succubus but educators can’t teach Morrison

In a few months, a recently passed law will go into effect in Florida that would not only allow medical practitioners in Florida to espouse such dangerous myths and beliefs without recourse but also deny medical care based on personal beliefs — no matter how outrageous or wrong.

Cancer death rate in the US is the lowest ever in 40 years

Metabolism: 6 mistakes that make you fat

Metabolism is the process by which our body converts food into energy, but often some common mistakes can slow it down, creating problems with overweight and fat accumulation.Thanks to this photo gallery, we will learn the secrets to speeding up the metabolism and improving our health, discovering effective strategies for proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in general.We are confident that the images and information we offer will help you to take care of your body and achieve optimal fitness.

7 Vet-Approved Flea Treatments for Your Cat

Keep fleas at bay with these preventatives and medicines.

Ridges Appearing On Your Nails Can Give You Insights Into Your Overall Health

Your nails reveal a lot about your health, and ridges appearing on your nails can give you insights into your overall health and if you need to see a doctor.

Wake Up to a Healthier Breakfast at McDonald’s With These Options

Wake Up to a Healthier Breakfast at McDonald’s With These Options

Expert Warns Fans that a Healthy Chargers Squad Will Make Noise in 2023

I smell some truth in this statement!

These Moisturizers With SPF Hydrate Your Skin While Preventing Future Wrinkles

Make sun protection easy with these expert-approved hydrators.

Study shows concussions can lead to criminal behavior later in life

10 Meal Kits That Use The Highest Quality Ingredients

Here is your answer to the dreaded daily question, “What’s for dinner?”

Rafael Nadal 'not happy' as doctor speaks out after latest surgery

Rafael Nadal's doctor has given a fresh update after the Spaniard underwent surgery on his left psoas muscle.

Meet the support group who use sheep to help people

You herd it here first. Two women from England have started an emotional support group for those who may be struggling with their mental health – and are using sheep to help soothe. Emma Redman, 37, and Pippa Ashton, 46, launched EWE Talk last year, with just one sheep – but now have have a flock of seven as well as two goats to comfort those in need. “One of the things we have always known is how useful animals are as a tool to help those...

37 Healthy Snacks To Help You Cut Cravings and Lose Weight

These mini-meals will help you power through the day.

Hair Removal Creams Are Majorly Underrated

Pain-free and long-lasting? Sign me up!

Bladder cancer: the symptoms that should alarm you

Bladder cancer is one of the most widespread and common cancers of all, and especially affects people of a certain age, generally between 60 and 70, and is three times more frequent in men than in women.There are currently no screening or prevention programmes, although there is a list of symptoms and warnings to understand, if nothing else, whether one is at risk of contracting this disease. The survival rate however, unlike many other forms of carcinoma, is quite high, around 80% depending on treatment.There are various types of treatment for various types of bladder cancer, which can go as far as total removal of the organ.

15 Serious Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Know About Her Period

Do you know that periods are about more than bleeding and intense cravings for chocolates? A lot more. They are miserable and vary from woman to woman. After someone asked a women’s forum what they wanted men to know about periods, here is what they confessed. 1. Periods Are Exhausting Exhaustion knows no bounds. One ...

Not Sure If That Mark Is A Tick Bite? These Photos Can Help

Not everyone gets the classic bullseye rash.