Getting a good night's sleep is essential to remaining healthy and productive during the day. It's no secret that getting a proper night's rest is not only important for your body but also for your mind. Along with keeping you energized and ready for the day, proper sleep helps keep your mind working properly. Sleep deprivation weakens your memory, puts you at higher risk for hallucinations, and can impair your judgment. Apart from these risks, not sleeping enough will put you at more risk for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. With so much riding on sleep, it's crucial to attempt to get longer and more quality sleep at night.

Although plenty of hacks can help put you in a resting mood, sometimes you just need something heavier. A few years ago, weighted blankets became the go-to tool for restless sleepers. Not only did these weighted blankets help tuck you into bed, but they also prevented you from tossing and turning throughout the night. This extra weight on top of your bed almost forces your body to remain still and at ease. With many proving these claims to be true, the same concept has come to your eyes. Instead of staring at your ceiling all night, weighted eye masks can help keep your eyes closed throughout the night, giving your body and mind no choice but to go to sleep.

Benefits Of Weighted Eye Masks

Weighted eye masks are much more than just a trend you see in TikTok vlogs; they're beneficial for getting smoother sleep. When you've had a busy day and your mind is racing at night, it's easy to find distractions anywhere. It's common to find yourself staring at the clock, worrying about how much time has gone by. If you often find yourself counting down the time you have left to sleep instead of sleeping, weighted eye masks can help block out these distractions, including any distracting lights or devices that keep you up at night.

Although they can't block out your mind, weighted eye masks help reduce the number of distractions that enter your mind. By not stimulating your vision, there are no external distractions for your mind on which to fixate. Limiting the number of distractions that enter your senses is the only way to calm a racing mind. Once your mind starts to slow down, it's easier to fall asleep. In addition, wearing a weighted eye mask can help increase the amount of time you spend in deep sleep. By blocking out any lights or distractions, you can get more deep sleep, a stage of sleep that is crucial for waking up well-rested. By giving you a sense of safety and comfort, you can have a restful sleep with a less anxious and racing mind.

How To Choose And Use Your Eye Masks

As with blankets, plenty of options exist for weighted eye masks. Some are on the heavier side, weighing about 1 pound. The lighter masks usually weigh a few ounces at most. If you're a side sleeper, a heavier eye mask can be challenging once you get into your typical position. Those who are sensitive to stimuli touching their eyes or face can also pose a challenge with heavier masks. In general, you want to start with the lighter eye masks and work your way up until you find the right weight for you.

You also should consider paying attention to the fabric of your eye mask before purchasing one. Since the mask sits on your face all night, you should ensure you pick a fabric that won't irritate your skin. Those with sensitive skin should look at cotton or silk-weighted eye masks, which will be softer on the face. Fabrics such as satin or silk will also have a cooling component to them, making them feel better on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you also want to pay attention to the filling of your weighted eye mask. These masks are usually filled with silica beads unless stated otherwise. Silica beads can be irritating to those with sensitivities, so you'll want to reach for one with glass beads or other natural alternatives instead.

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