These Small Life Changes Could Help You Live to 100

Add years to your life with these simple tips.

Protect Your Health: Stay Away from These 4 Foods While Grocery Shopping

Protect Your Health: Stay Away from These 4 Foods While Grocery Shopping

Shoppers Say Their ‘Neck & Shoulder Pain Are Gone’ After Using This $20 Cooling Body Pillow

Few mornings go by these days when we don’t wake up with some new ache or pain. A good night’s sleep is an absolute must, and it can make the difference between a good or bad day. So getting rid of morning soreness has to be a top priority. That’s why shoppers are obsessing over

'I Bet You Forgot To Put Sunscreen On Your Scalp Today'

Your hair will loveee.

How to pay for gender-affirming surgery

Gender affirmation surgery can be expensive, even if you have health insurance. Costs for individual procedures may be as much as $25,000. Patients who undergo multiple procedures could see costs go even higher.

Dustin May Elbow Surgery Was ‘Initially’ Considered Possibility

The Los Angeles Dodgers are due to be without Dustin May for at least two months after he was transferred to the 60-day injured list following a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection to treat his right elbow strain.

10 Things Adults Can't Get Away With But Kids Can

Growing up, we all experienced moments when we pushed the boundaries, indulged in mischievous behavior, or simply enjoyed the privileges that childhood afforded us. As children, we were often given more leniency and forgiveness for our actions, while adults faced greater scrutiny and expectations. This stark contrast in treatment between kids and grown-ups highlights the...

These Moisturizers With SPF Hydrate Your Skin While Preventing Future Wrinkles

Make sun protection easy with these expert-approved hydrators.

According to Experts, These Are the Best Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Maintaining your weight ≠ dieting. Despite what the weight-loss industry would have you believe, there are no quick fixes in life. A few weeks of deprivation won't help you achieve your body goals — and if your primary concern is how to get skinny or lose weight as quickly as possible, then it may be time to change your mindset. Diets aren't sustainable, and that's because restricting what you eat is only a temporary solution. Rather than dieting, the best way to achieve healthy weight loss over time (and, more importantly, support long-term weight maintenance) is to make a few simple lifestyle changes. Of course, every body is different, so the healthy weight loss strategies that work for someone else may not work for you. It's also important to remember that a smaller body is not necessarily a healthier one. Long-lasting health gains come from improving your diet and incorporating exercise in ways that you can sustain, and while those results may include a shrinking waistline, try not to focus on a goal weight. We spoke to nutritionists and dietitians to find out the natural weight loss and weight maintenance strategies that actually work, and here's what they had to say.

15 Real Reasons People Are Choosing Not To Drink Alcohol Anymore

There are many reasons that people choose not to drink, and it’s important that society collectively embrace not drinking alcohol as healthy and normal. However, when you tell people you don’t drink, most of the time, it is met with disbelief, or it’s automatically assumed you’re an alcoholic. That’s not always the case. Here are ...

Cancer death rate in the US is the lowest ever in 40 years

7 Vet-Approved Flea Treatments for Your Cat

Keep fleas at bay with these preventatives and medicines.

Actor reflects on 280 lb transformation, more stars' evolutions

See how stars looked before and after they lost serious amounts of weight.

Yes, It Is Possible To Treat Your Scars At Home

Try one of these derm-approved remedies.

12 Life Hacks to Help You Bounce Back Stronger Than Ever

Life often knocks us down when we least expect it. We've all been there. However, instead of feeling pity for ourselves, we can bounce back using proven strategies that have worked for others. It isn't easy, and these strategies don't always work for everyone, but they're still better than the alternative. Let's go over some [...]

Alzheimer's took my wife from me and she was only 55. Here's what you should know

Alzheimer's took my wife from me and she was only 55. Here's what you should know about the reality of early onset Alzheimer’s, which impacts millions.

Why Viewing Exercise As Punishment Only Harms Your Relationship With Yourself

You may have been conditioned to think of exercise as punishment, but here's why it's a good idea to have a healthier relationship with physical activity.

9 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About That '70s Show

Hello, Wisconsin!

Amazon Prime could eventually include cheap cell service

Amazon really wants Prime to be indispensable.

Woman Wins Famous English ‘Cheese Rolling Race’ Even After Being Knocked Unconscious

She woke up in the medical tent with her victory prize!

Eating This Fruit Could Prevent Frailty in Old Age, Study Shows

Nutritionists weigh in on what foods keep you strong.

Biden hasn't changed U.S. policy on Taiwan, Jake Sullivan says

“The entire Taiwan policy of the United States is built on a series of internal tensions,” Sullivan said.

The Surprising Ozempic Side Effects You Need to Know About, According to a Doctor

Side effects range from mild to severe—here’s what to know.

The 15 Most Comfortable Work Shoes for Your Daily Commute

From low-heeled ankle boots to block-heeled pumps

Animals That Have the Shortest Lifespans

Which animal has the shortest lifespan of a mere 5 minutes to 24 hours?

These Knee Braces Help With Arthritis Pain, Swelling, and Post-Surgery Recovery

Experts weigh in.

It's more than just a parasocial relationship: BTS and their impact on my mental health

Listening to BTS may not have cured my depression, but it helped me get through it

16 Secrets To Make Spring Cleaning More Fun, According to Experts

Here’s how to spark some joy while you make the whole house sparkle.

This Surprisingly Affordable Sunscreen Is Going Viral For Leaving 'No White Cast' No Matter How Much You Apply

If there’s one summer essential that’s an absolute must-have this season, it has to be sunscreen. But not all SPFs are alike. In fact, one of the most common complaints some shoppers have about their sunscreen is the annoying white cast it leaves on their skin. There is, however, a sunscreen that’ll make that white

Fred Toucher speaks on time in detox facility: ‘It was the worst five days of my entire life.’

It’s been quite the few months for long-time Boston radio host Fred Toucher. Toucher has been co-hosting Boston sports show Toucher and Rich with Rich Shertenlieb since 2006, with that show on 98.5 The Sports Hub since 2009, but there have been several unusual developments around it so far this year. And the latest one is Read more... The post Fred Toucher speaks on time in detox facility: ‘It was the worst five days of my entire life.’ appeared...

Ashkenazi Jews are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's, study finds

Specific research into Ashkenazi genetics relation to Alzheimer's diseases was done for the first time.

50 Hilarious Mom Quotes for the Sarcastic and Silly Mamas Out There

Share these on Instagram for a cute Mother's Day post. If there was a list of requirements for being a mom, a sense of humor would be at the top. From spilled milk and tantrums to sleep deprivation and messy houses, there’s no shortage of comedic material. All jokes aside, being a mom is the toughest job on the planet. You have to raise tiny humans, and there's no how-to book out there that will ever prepare you for the real thing. In other words, sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. When Mother’s Day or another special day rolls around, give her the best gift of all (no, not flowers) – laughter. Whether your mom needs a hearty laugh, or you just want to put a smile on her face, a dose of hilarity just might be what the doctor ordered. We compiled the best funny mom quotes that are totally relatable and will have her cracking up. Some are sarcastic and witty while others are full of puns, but they all capture the light-hearted side of parenting. Whether you use these funny mom quotes in a toast, write them on a card, or post them on social media, they will surely bring levity to the day.

Eating These Foods Has Been Clinically Shown To Increase Anxiety

A healthy diet certainly isn’t a cure-all for anxiety, but it can help.

Elon Musk Sends a Message to Farmers Worldwide

The CEO of electric vehicle maker Tesla addresses farmers' anxiety over the environmental crisis.

Learn the truth about the love hormone

For a long time, it was thought that oxytocin (otherwise known as the '"love hormone") directly brought about feelings of empathy, trust, and happiness in human beings. Recent research shows, however, that this may be an oversimplification of the way oxytocin works, and that it actually has a clarifying effect on existing emotions. This may have implications, among other things, for the way in which oxytocin is used to treat patients with autism. Intrigued? Check out this gallery to learn all about oxytocin.

Celebrities Share Their Anxiety Stories And How They Cope

From Kristen Bell to Oprah, read along and find out how your favorite star handles the pressures of anxiety and other life stressors. Their advice could be what you need to know.

The 12 Best Hobbies for Retirees

Retirement hobbies to enjoy in your golden years.

8 Signs of a Blood Clot You Should Never Ignore, According to Doctors

Knowing these symptoms could save your life.

Doctors Say These Techniques Might Help Your Migraine Disappear Faster

Not all of them require medication, either.

The 10 U.S. cities where people are most satisfied with their jobs—New York didn’t make the cut

California is the clear winner, boasting four of the top 10 cities on Glassdoor’s list.

Could Viagra be the key to keeping your heart healthy?

47 Snacks to Avoid Getting Hangry

No one likes a hangry person.

Norovirus Is Spreading Again—Can You Get It Twice? Experts Weigh In

Because it’s not exactly a picnic the first time around.

I lost 10 stone in 7 months by going off-grid and getting fit

When Bryan O'Keeffe, 34, from Cork, Ireland, topped the scales at more than 20 stone he decided he needed to do something drastic. So he cut off family and went on a wilderness retreat.

The Boozy Ingredient Swap For Homemade Gluten-Free Bread

Those with a gluten sensitivity or allergy may have to bake gluten-free bread at home. A boozy swap will help achieve light, fluffy gluten-free bread.

The Shoes You're Wearing To Work Out Are Probably Too Small

And here's how to find your perfect pair.

These 17 Hair Growth Vitamins Actually Work

Move over, Rapunzel.

The top stress for workers is finances, and it's spreading to $100,000 jobs

Financial strain on employees is playing a significant role in the deteriorating mental health among workers.

How to Tell if Healthcare RCM Vendor AI Claims – Are Real or Vaporware?

Image by Vicki Hamilton from Pixabay. Seems like a nearly daily occurrence that healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) vendors for hospitals and physicians come out with slick marketing touting their Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. Really? AI isn’t some off-the-shelf technology system that you can magically develop internally in a matter of days and claim you have the answer to solve the healthcare provider coding, billing, denial...

28 Surprising 'Dawson's Creek' Facts You Probably Never Knew

In case you're bingeing it on Netflix right now like we are.