Okay, so imagine this – you’ve been munching on these so-called “healthy” foods thinking you’re doing your body a favor, right? Unfortunately, some things you thought were good for you are diet villains in disguise. So let me give you the lowdown on twenty such diet saboteurs from an online forum of foodies.

1. Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are often high in added sugars and can be unnecessary unless you are engaging in intense exercise for long periods. Someone mentioned that they gave themselves edema since the electrolytes weren’t flushed out properly due to a lack of physical activity.

2. Fruit Juice 

This might be a shocker for some, but fruit juice often has as much sugar as a soda, if not more. It is sugar water with a hint of fruit flavoring. Someone confessed that fruit juice is high in sugar and low in fiber and can be just as unhealthy as soda.

3. Frozen Yogurt

It’s not as bad as ice cream, but with all that artificial flavoring, you may consider having it in controlled servings.

4. Granola Bars 

You might be surprised that your go-to “healthy” granola bars are nothing but sugar bombs in disguise. As someone mentioned, not all granola bars are created equal. Some are just bricks of sugar with specks of granola sprinkled in there.

5. Energy Bars

Like granola bars, energy bars can be high in sugar and calories and may not be as filling as whole foods. They are much more nutritious.

6. Smoothies

Ever noticed those smoothie bowls that look oh-so-instagrammable? Sorry to burst your bubble, but a user mentioned that they’re often loaded with sugar and other sneaky ingredients. Although marketed as “healthy,” smoothies can be high in sugar since most can contain fruit juice or sweetened yogurt.

7. Flavored Yogurt 

Flavored or sweetened yogurts can be high in sugar and low in protein. As a user suggested, plain or Greek yogurt is a healthier option.

8. Trail Mix 

Trail mix can be misleading for many. Several individuals agreed that it often contains high-calorie nuts and dried fruits while also having added sugars. The good combinations include chocolate buttons, but they aren’t healthy at all.

9. Gluten-Free Snacks

As someone rightly points out, gluten-free does not always mean healthy. Many gluten-free snacks are high in calories and sugar! Replacing one type of starch with another will not automatically make it fit.

10. Multigrain Bread

Like gluten-free variations, many noted that multigrain is only healthy if made with whole grains and does not contain added sugars.

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11. Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolls, vegan or not, can be a favorite for many. However, as one foodie explained, they can be high in calories and sodium, especially if they contain fried ingredients or creamy sauces.

12. Veggie Chips

Veggie chips are just a bag of lies. They may seem like a healthy snack, but as mentioned by someone, they are often fried and can be high in calories and sodium.

13. Veggie Burgers

Don’t let the “veggie” part mislead you. Several contributors in the thread said these burgers could be high in sodium, saturated fat, and even preservatives if pre-made and processed.

14. Cereal

Many of us are guilty of considering cereals a viable breakfast option. However, cereals are high in sugar and low in fiber and protein.

15. Dried Fruit

Some people can go nuts for dried fruit! However, as a user mentioned, dried fruit is high in sugar and can be easy to overeat due to its small size and deliciousness.

16. Bottled Green Juice

Remember the bit about fruit juices being sugary concoctions? Bottled green juice is no different since it can be high in sugar and low in fiber when made mainly of fruit.

17. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is often marketed as a healthy alternative, so many have complained of falling prey to it. However, it is still high in fructose and calories.

18. Low-Fat Salad Dressing 

Low fat does not always mean good. As someone mentioned, sometimes, low-fat implies the omission of healthy fats. On top of that, these dressings often contain added sugars as a fat substitute.

19. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are a favorite for many. However, one avid snacker highlighted they are low in nutrients and can even be high in sodium if flavored.

20. Baked Chips

Several users acknowledged their love for baked chips. Unfortunately, they can still be high in calories and sodium while offering lesser nutrients than whole foods.

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